Common Heir To Launch Clean, Clinical And Plastic-Free Skincare

Date - 2021/03/16

Common Heir is taking an uncommon approach to a skincare classic. 

Available for pre-launch today and officially launching on April 6, the brand is kicking off with one waterless product, Vitamin C Serum. Priced at $88 for a two-month supply, the serum’s formula is comprised of an oil-soluble 10% vitamin C derivative selected to improve skin tone texture, housed in 60 capsules that dissolve in water and packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube. Cruelty-free Common Heir is in the process of becoming certified by the Environmental Working Group, and its Vitamin C Serum adheres to Credo’s and Sephora’s clean beauty standards. 

Creating a sustainable brand was a key motivation for Common Heir co-founder Cary Lin, an MIT Sloan School of Management graduate who got bit by the entrepreneurial bug about a year and a half ago after working in brand management and marketing at Honest Beauty, Procter & Gamble and Tatcha. “I was walking on my local beach here in Santa Monica, and I stumbled across these old plastic lotion bottles that were barnacled and covered with debris and algae,” she recalls. “I remember brushing off the expiration date, and it had been probably at sea for about three years before washing back up on my local beach. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, everything I’ve ever built or had a hand in creating and putting on this planet, I wonder where all of that is sitting right now?’”

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Source: Beauty Independent by Claire Mccormack on March 16th, 2021