Why Exhibit FAQ

  • General Exhibiting Inquiries

    • Please describe the scale of the show?

      The 2023 show welcomed over 5,300 industry attendees and showcased 90 exhibitors. LUXE PACK Los Angeles is a boutique-style business event that offers an exceptional exhibitor-to-attendee ratio for optimum ROI. The industry attendance has grown consistently year after year since the show’s inception.

      It is also the only U.S. LUXE PACK event that runs concurrently with MakeUp in LosAngeles instantly expanding your beauty industry outreach.


    • Who attends LUXE PACK and what are they sourcing?

      Target brand key players  (c-level executives, founders, packaging buyers, and designers are the top profile) who are sourcing primary and secondary packaging elements/services representing all premium sectors (beauty, wellness, tech, CBD, fine foods, premium beverage and spirits). See details.

    • What is the difference between LUXE PACK Los Angeles and LUXE PACK New York?

      Both events are curated to fuse packaging suppliers with the best in premium brands/retailers. However, each U.S. show provides its own outreach. LUXE PACK Los Angeles and LUXE PACK New York have minimal overlap in attendance. LUXE PACK Los Angeles, the newest edition to the global platform, specifically draws in the many growing creative niche (next-generation) as well as the legacy brands that call the west coast home. For additional information on LUXE PACK New York, click here.

    • What is included in the booth package?

      All booths are fully constructed and all-inclusive. We invite you to view all details here.

      Approximately 3 months prior to each event, all confirmed exhibitors are given access to the online “EXHIBITOR PORTAL”. Within the portal (once logged in), all booth visuals and specs will be available. In addition, the portal will provide access to view and directly request all personalized options (wall graphics, specialized furnishings, AV equipment, catering, amongst other custom options).

      The “Exhibitor Portal” will streamline all pre-show preparation.

    • Can I select my exact booth location? Will I be given a preferred location on upcoming events?

      We welcome you to describe your optimum booth location upon sign up. The organization team will do its best to satisfy each exhibitor’s request.

      Exhibitors with confirmed previous year participation, will be given priority to maintain the same location. New exhibitors with early confirmation will also be provided priority leverage. Please note that the entire floor plan and booth locations are developed according to the show’s general harmony.


    • How many team members do you recommend for a confortable experience within a 10 x 10 space?

      We recommend 3 team members per every 10 x 10 space. This is just a recommendation and ultimately all exhibitors are allowed the preferred team presence.  Please note that every 10 x 10 booth package does provide 3 lunches per day (5 lunches/day for larger booth spaces).


    • Is there an early bird discount?

      Early sign up does provide the advantage of being included in the initiation of the show’s marketing campaign for added visibility. It also provides early access to the floor plan for additional location leverage and preferred placement.

    • How can I maximize my exhibitor experience?

      LUXE PACK offers various options to increase your exhibitor visibility.

      All exhibitors are encouraged to participate in the complimentary selections such as The NEW Exploratorium, Pack Players session,  and the “Green” Tour.. Press visibility before, during, and after the event are also available.

      Payable advertising opportunities are also available. Please reach out to a sales representative to request a contract and media kit.


    • Can I exhibit if not a packaging manufacturer but still work in the industry?

      Only primary and secondary packaging suppliers are permitted to exhibit. The exhibition floor is solely dedicated to packaging services and capabilities.

      However, there are “Partner and Sponsor” opportunities to explore. These specialized options would place you at the forefront of the show without having to have official booth space. Feel free to reach out to the sales team for further information.

    • Are exhibitors allowed to attend the conferences?

      Absolutely. The full education program is available to all exhibitors and attendees at no additional cost.

    • Does LUXE PACK facilitate discounted travel accommodations?

      LUXE PACK does not offer discounted travel accommodations. There are various websites that do offer lower rates (Hotel.com, Hoteltonight.com, and Kayak.com)

      For assistance in locating hotels adjacent to the Los Angeles Convention Center, please click here.