Grab A Cábala Beer For Any Occasion

Date - 2021/03/30

Cábala had one goal in mind when they set out to create their brand: “break paradigms and schemes within the category.” And shaking up the norms within the category is something they’ve done successfully. They’ve e an original “five-pack” combined with a unique bottle shape. The label is also strikingly graphic while maintaining a casual vibe. The splash of orange combined with the tan and black is sleek and modern.

For the birth of this new craft beer brand, it was very important to create an identity inspired by a concept far removed from the traditional brewing world. Giving a deep and suggestive personality to a millenary and universal drink was the great challenge we set ourselves from the beginning. In addition, thinking of distinctive packaging, from the bottle…

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Source: The Dieline by Chloe Gordon on 3/26/2021