Haircare Brand Eva NYC Turns To Aluminum In An Effort To Kick Plastic Waste To The Curb


As it deepens its commitment to the environment, Eva NYC is rolling out aluminum packaging for its full-size products.
Across its range, the haircare brand, which is dedicated to achieving B Corp certification by 2024, has become 100% recyclable. Its repackaged aluminum items are 93% plastic-free. Pumps are responsible for the 7% of the packaging that’s plastic, and they can be recycled via TerraCycle, a company specializing in hard-to-recycle materials Eva NYC partnered with last year as it kicked off its sustainable push.

The brand has pledged to invest at least $3 million in its sustainability initiatives through 2025. Jane Moran, VP at Eva NYC, mentions the investment could put Eva NYC on a path to solidifying B Corp status within two years. “We are that focused,” she says.

The beauty industry is a notorious offender to the environment, notes Moran, with an estimated over 120 billion units of beauty packaging produced annually on a global level. Most of the packaging is out of plastic that doesn’t get recycled.

“Only 9% of plastics actually get recycled, and we want to provide our customers with an option to stop purchasing virgin plastics as they are the hardest to recycle,” says Moran. She shares survey data from WGSN reveals 88% of consumers want brands to assist them in being sustainable, but 43% feel brands make it harder for them. During the pandemic, interest in sustainability hasn’t ebbed.

Eva NYC selected aluminum for several reasons. It can be recycled over and over again, and Moran points out aluminum is the easiest material to recycle in the United States because all curbside facilities accept it. Consumers give aluminum a thumb-up in Boston Consulting Group research cited by Eva NYC showing they believe it’s two times eco-friendlier and 1.4 times more recyclable than plastic.

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Source: Beauty Independent by Faye Brookman on 2/08/2021