Announcing IBA as a LUXE PACK Los Angeles Show Partner

Date - 2022/11/23

LUXE PACK Los Angeles is excited to be partnering up with IBA (Independent Beauty Association) for the 2023 edition on February 16th and 17th. IBA whose mission is to foster the success of entrepreneurial companies in the independent cosmetic and personal care industries will be part of of the education program and available on the show floor. Don’t miss their session:

“Sustainability Beyond the Bottle” – February 16th – 12 pm (main seminar area).

Brands and consumers are very focused on the sustainability of ingredients inside a beauty container and of packaging materials used to make product containers, but what about the decoration and labeling used ON containers?  What effect do decoration and label choices have on the circularity of a product?  What deco options allow brands to stand out while still supporting their sustainability goals and aspirations?   Hear from Tim Bohlke, Director of Sustainability at the Resource Label Group, and Victor Casale, Co-founder of Pact Collective, on how brands, marketers, designers, and developers should think about sustainability beyond the bottle. Moderated by Akemi Ooka, Head of Global Supply Chain Resources, IBA.


Stay tuned for additional IBA show presence udpates…

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