Cointreau unveils redesign of iconic bottle


Cointreau, the French orange liqueur, has launched a redesign of its iconic bottle.

cointreau-bottleThe most momentous of its kind in 140 years, the newly designed Cointreau bottle is strikingly different yet still instantly recognisable. The revamped bottle is an ode to the cocktail pioneer’s history and a celebration of the orange itself.

Made from recycled glass, the landmark new bottle retains the essential aspects of its original design while ‘honouring modern French elegance’, from its label to its shape.

On the aesthetic side, the new Cointreau bottle underlines the product at the heart of the liqueur, the orange, illustrated on the bottle for the first time.

Also, Cointreau’s original distillery, based in Angers on the edge of the Loire Valley, is depicted both on the label and in the engraving; a tribute to Cointreau’s historic roots.

However, the new bottle also sees modern ergonomic enhancements too – the iconic shape has been lengthened for ease of pouring without increasing its weight – a major technical challenge – while larger 70cl bottles also now feature a QR code for the first time, which grants instant access to a dedicated online experience on; the go-to source of nearly 400 cocktail recipes and expert tips.

The bottle’s copper cap now comes with a mention of the brand’s savoir-faire as a “Distillateur-Liquoriste”, and new textured, embossed finish inspired by the skin of an orange.

The new bottle is made from two-thirds recycled glass. The emblematic amber colour enhances the silhouette of the bottle, and features materials sourced from France and surrounding European countries.

Fanny Chtromberg, international director at Cointreau, said: “The Cointreau L’Unique bottle is iconic. We certainly wanted to modernize it, but above all we wanted to preserve its vintage codes and respect the allure imagined by Édouard Cointreau. We therefore drew on Cointreau’s genesis. Its origins in Angers; its know-how as Liquorist-Distiller; and its precious fruit, the orange. We are particularly proud of the work accomplished, a feat of creativity but also of design.”

The redesigned bottle is due to be available worldwide now.