Ormaie reinvents fragrance refill gesture with glass ampoules

Date - 2023/11/23

French haute perfumery house Ormaie is bringing a new gesture to the fragrance refill space with its glass ampoules.

Fragrance brand Ormaie has launched small-format perfume bottles designed to be refilled with glass ampoules. The brand opted for 20ml, cylindrical faceted flacons, which have been rolled out for each of Ormaie’s nine eaux de parfum: Les Brumes, 28°, Papier Carbone, Yvonne, Le Passant, L’Ivrée Bleue, Toï Toï Toï, Marque-Page and Tableau Parisien.

Patent-pending fragrance refills

While the brand claims to be the first to use ampoule formats for fragrance refills – Ormaie says its solution is patent-pending – these type of double-tip ampoules are common in the Europe’s nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

To refill their fragrance bottle, consumers remove the cap, unscrew the pump and break off one end of the ampoule tip and insert it into the flacon; breaking the other tip enables the fragrance to flow into the bottle. Given their 100% glass composition, the ampoules can be recycled when empty.

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