Date - 2021/05/28

Super premium vodka THERMOMETER – stylish product for real aesthetes!

There is one interesting feature in Russian language – the word “degree” is a unit of temperature measurement and at the same time it means the % of alcohol in alcoholic beverages. It became the basis for the concept of the super-premium vodka THERMOMETER, developed in the Uprise Branding Agency. This is a product for real gourmets of this drink.

The shape of the bottle resembles the shape of a classic thermometer, the letters of the logo resemble the divisions of the scale, the brand’s icon-the letter O with a slot at the top – symbolizes a mercury ball. In the core, instead of mercury, there is a concentrated essence (depending on the taste – cranberry, lemon or blackcurrant) for making a vodka cocktail. The possibility to adjust the amount of the essence on the taste is a unique feature of the product. The container with the essence is unscrewed from the cork and the required amount (depends on personal preferences) is…

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Source: Derrick Lin Packaging of the World on 4/16/2021