The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle

Date - 2021/05/28

The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle, a first of its kind, is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Its open-source design adheres to FDA regulations for durability, light, water, and child resistance. It’s available to any pharmacy for filling prescription tablets and capsules. Once used then emptied, the paper bottle can be tossed into any compostable bin with its Rx label to decompose and be reused as fertilizer to safely replenish the soil in fields, gardens, and landscapes.

The challenge was based on the need to replace the plastic pill bottle used to fill prescription medications. 4-5 billion bottles made of polypropylene plastic are generated each year. But because they are so small, more than 90% of them end up in landfills and water dumps creating microparticles and toxic waste that devastate…

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Source: Tikkun Olam Makers