“Let’s Talk Trash” with Pact Station

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Sustainability is a thing of beauty.

“The beauty and wellness industries generate over 120 billion packages every year, with most ending up in landfills. Our industry’s packaging is too small, too flexible, or made of too many materials to be traditionally recycled”. – PACT

That’s where we come in…

Join Pact Collective, a nonprofit organization uniting the beauty industry to make packaging more sustainable. Their experts will be available on the show floor to educate attendees on the true end-of-life realities of beauty packaging. The Let’s talk trash station will demo how the PACT beauty-specific collection programs work, and how to prevent hard-to-recycle packaging from ending up in the landfill and instead give them a second life. “We hope to help attendees make more informed decisions regarding their packaging selection and to inspire them to take responsibility for their packaging at every stage, including end-of-life”.