Hexagonal Honey Bottle Packaging Concept By Maksim Arbuzov

Date - 2021/05/29

In the past, I’ve often found it quite hard to get excited about packaging design but this honey bottle concept by Maksim Arbuzov has completely changed my perspective. The hexagonal glass bottles are of course inspired by honeycombs and the minimalistic labeling allows the vibrant warm colours of the honey varieties to shine through.

There’s a reason that beehive honeycombs are hexagonal – it’s the most efficient shape found in nature – and this means that minimal material is needed to form them and no space is wasted between the cells. The mimicking of this shape in the honey concept packaging allows the hexagon bottles to interlock and form amazing grids displays for shop shelves.

These stacked grids are built up from a wooden base and the three lower sides of each hexagon bottle have indentations to accommodate the caps of adjacent…

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Source: Homeli