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February 11 - 12, 2020
Convention Center, Los Angeles

Biography Veronica LORENZ

Veronica LORENZ
Veronica LORENZ,
Founder, VAMP STAMP®


Celebrity makeup artist, beautyblender cofounder and lifelong winged liner fan Veronica Lorenz turned a challenge into a triumph when she lost the feeling and strength in her hands due to a benign spinal cord tumor. Her brand The Vamp Stamp® (The “Vamp” portion an abbreviation for Visionary Artists Makeup Products™ ) was created to make complicated makeup easy so that she could empower and support the growing makeup community, as well as those like herself with physical challenges. Her first product VaVaVoom is a winged liner stamp that has taken the internet -and the industry - by storm and made an intricate makeup technique accessible to everyone. Her upcoming products make good on the brand acronym and offer new tools and formulas that bring makeup and makeup application into the future...and beyond.