WAP Sustainability

WAP Sustainability Consulting joins Luxe Pack to engage with packaging innovators on the importance and benefits of sustainable business practices.

Join the WAP team of sustainability experts on the exhibition floor at the “Carbon Clinic”, where they will hold one-on-one sessions to all interested attendees to both…

  • Understand the underlying motivators inspiring your company to act on sustainability and…
  • Use these motivators to formulate an action plan to maximize impact and satisfy internal and/or external stakeholder requests.

WAP’s expertise will build on their deep understanding of the ESG landscape to provide you with actionable insights and create clarity out of chaos. We encourage everyone to sit down and meet with them, no matter how far along you are in your sustainability journey …come one, come all! No appointment is needed.


In addition to the Carbon Clinic, also join WAP for a classroom-style session within the conference program.

Session Details:

The Power of Life Cycle Assessment & Carbon Accounting for Measuring Impact and Responding to Key Stakeholder Requests”


  • Rose Maylen, Sustainability Analyst, WAP Sustainability
  • Lydia Schreiber, Sustainability Analyst, WAP Sustainability

When: Day 1, February 16th, 11 am

Where: Main Seminar Area

WAP Sustainability Consulting is a global consultancy with over a decade of experience providing technical sustainability and ESG services for brands, manufacturers, and producers. As a leading life cycle assessment (LCA) services firm, with a large market share in the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), WAP’s mission is to help you achieve your sustainability goals and make an impact on the global environment.”